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Trinity is an off change scaling scheme for Neo

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

Once we talk about something like Raiden, Trinity, or lightning network we are talking about off-chain transaction that will lighten the main chain. Imagine you are watching a netflix in year 2030 and at this point IoT is applicable, the transaction can be measure up to millisecond. However, by making smart-contract to pay for watching netflix every second is insane and would bring down the whole network similar to how cryptokitties brought the whole ETH network to the knee in November 2017. NEO similar to ETH would need some way to scale and enhance the feasibility of the network. Imagine the similar scenario with an off-chain micro transaction like Raiden (for ETH), Trinity (for NEO), and lightning (for BTC). The initial value of asset would be locked after the smart contract initiated and following by several off-chain transactions using Trinity service and then upload the final net sum of all micro-transaction to the channel to verify and finally to the mainnet to update the value on the on-chain transaction. There are several concerns regarding the security and reliability of the off-chain comparing to Onchain, however, as the channel is managed with encrypted hash lock to prevent some changes during the off-chain transaction and all off-chain transactions would not be recorded to prevent user privacy. Furthermore, NEO/TNC will always have more add-in to enhance its future capability to handle billions transactions per second. The only final question that may rise is that why would such service is requiring to have token in its system or the service is not free? As in the case of Trinity, the service is free without the usage of TNC token. Similar to Raiden on ETH platform, Trinity would use TNC token in an incentive manner to induce the effectiveness of the state channel and courage more nodes formation to increase the number of available state channel. Through Trinity NEO network would even run faster and processing the transaction in no time. This would enable NEO to compete with ETH, EOS, ADA, and BTC in the far future!

Trinity is an off change scaling scheme for Neo : so basically it’s a rated network for Neo like how would that rating network is it’s for the etherium network like lightning transfers in payment all that this is for Neo . This is a lightning network for Neo alright so let’s get into it

Trinity is applicable to blockchain and transfer of nep-5 standard tokens okay so that 5 is the Neo standard tokens they actually have an up six what the nep-5 one is the standard alright as a neo version.
Lightning Network Trinity a trees real-time payment lower transaction feel scalability privacy protection and neo main asset suit state channels okay alright so let’s go down the state channel was again alright well got that out of the way high quality blockchain service efficient train services efficient flow of assets okay features are trendy locking interacting off chain published in China routers mister micropayment high-frequency privace transaction neo off chain scaling okay so it’s it’s seems like it a jack-of-all-trades I could do all these things here that feature is an application sinners

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