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[Review] SuperEasy Photo Booster Giveaway With License

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

SuperEasy Photo Booster Giveaway With License

SuperEasy Photo Booster is a product with end user in mind. In this age of self publishing, it makes sense to have you quickly and easily adjust the quality of your photos for use on your social media accounts and blog.

What is SuperEasy Photo Booster?
Supereasy photo booster is a simple but powerful photo optimizer for individuals who want the touch of class to their photos. It’s an automatic picture optimizer which immediately recognizes areas of adjustment in your picture and gives you a preview of ‘Before’ and ‘After’ to decide if you want its suggestion or you want to adjust further, manually to give you a perfect quality boost.

SuperEasy Photo Booster fetured

SuperEasy Photo Booster has one of the best interfaces I have ever seen. It’s simple to navigate and incredibly easy to use. The left pane has the adjustment options and in the middle is located the image for adjustment, while picture adjustment slider is located right below the image placeholder. To the extreme right bottom of the image screen is located left and right rotation button and at the bottom of image screen to the bottom right of the pane can be located the save button.

Three key features stand out in SuperEasy Photo Booster; first is the ability to help you get better photo in just one click, second is the benefit of being able to compare your original picture look with the new look after adjusting your image and third is the benefit of editing your picture even the very first time you have the opportunity of using the package without previous knowledge.

The complete features include:
• Automatic image recognition
• Re-adjustment of tonality
• Automatic re-sharpening
• Automatic contrast improvement
• Automatic adjustment for hue control and saturation
• Bright/dark correction
• White balance correction
• Optimization of several photos simultaneously through batch processing of whole folders
• Manual optimization of single photos
• Reading of EXIF and GEO data from digital camera pictures

Supereasy photo booster is easy to use. It consumes very little system resources and anyone can use it.

SuperEasy Photo Booster is a powerful, but simple product. It’s coming at a time many internet geeks are looking or quickest means to adjust their pictures for quick profile setup and other useful internet purposes. You don’t have to be online to use it. To use, just get your photo ready and upload it to optimize.

Getting a copy
Another great benefit of SuperEasy photo booster is you can get a 7 day free trial to evaluate the product before buying. Downloading a trial copy is easy so also is upgrading should you decide to buy after the trial period.

How to Get Full Licensed SuperEasy Photo Booster

Step 1: Go to Giveaway Pages here to get your own license key

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SuperEasy Photo Booster Full Key Get

Fill your email to receive activation link, then complete your profile form to receive license key.

Step 2: Download SuperEasy Photo Booster
Click on theDownload Hereor giveaway pages
Step 3: Install free SuperEasy Photo Booster .
Double click on the supereasy_photo_booster_e1.1.3056_sm.exe

SuperEasy Photo Booster

SuperEasy Photo Booster Giveaway
Complete installation of SuperEasy Photo Booster .

Step 4: Register your SuperEasy Photo Booster .
After finishing installation of SuperEasy Photo Booster , enter your key or below license to active your SuperEasy Photo Booster .SuperEasy Photo Booster license seralSuperEasy Photo Booster Full Key

SuperEasy Photo Booster active

—License Code—

[sociallocker id=”2481″]Your license key of SuperEasy Photo Booster: SEPBA5-7779CC-4AF1D2 SuperEasy Photo Booster Giveaway Pages===========[/sociallocker]

And Enjoys!



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