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[Review] FoneLab – iPhone Data Recovery With License Key

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

FoneLab – iPhone Data Recovery With License Key

You are probably like most of the world today and highly dependent on your iPhone. Can you list five phone numbers from your phone? No worries, most people can’t. You are simply used to your phone containing all the pertinent information that you need. That is why it is catastrophic when something causes your iPhone to lose your information. This is a great time for a reliable iPhone data recovery app. That is why we decided to review FoneLab an iPhone data recovery application.

FoneLab offers several great features for iPhone Uses:

• Reliable data recovery – There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing an iPhone data recovery app only to have it not perform. FoneLab’s reliability has been heralded by sites like CNET,, Amazon, and many others.

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• Able to recover many forms of data. FoneLab is able to recover contacts, messages, memos, call history, bookmarks, reminders, and WhatsApp messages. This is just to name a few of the types of data you can recover.
• Fast Retrieval – FoneLab doesn’t take all day to work. It is able to recover your data in mere moments.
• You have multiple recovery options. FoneLab is able to recover your iPhone’s data from the cloud, iTunes, and your iPhone itself.
• Doesn’t just work on iPhones. FoneLab is also able to recover data for iPads and iPods.

FoneLab has many great benefits. But, any product has some downsides. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about cars, software, or iPhone data recovery apps. But, FoneLab’s list of cons is not very long. In fact, we only found one. The trial version doesn’t allow you to actually recover your data. But, that makes sense. Why would they give you a fully functional trial version? If they did then no one would buy the product.

FoneLab’s Interface
The feature that we enjoyed the most was FoneLab’s interface. Any iPhone app or piece of software is only as good as your ability to use it. You have seen some apps that seem like you need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. This is not the case with FoneLab.
It only takes seconds to understand FoneLab’s user interface. The recovery options are listed on the left side and easy to read. The interface makes great use of icons. These icons make it very easy to navigate the app.

Setup Is Easy
Another thing we loved about FoneLab is how quickly we were able to set it up. It only takes a few minutes. When you install the app, FoneLab will check and make sure you have the newest version of iTunes. If you don’t then you will be asked to install the latest iTunes version. Updating is a simple process and helps you with other apps as well. If you purchased the full version then the next prompt will ask you to connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable. FoneLab is making sure that all your data is properly backed up. After all, it can’t recover data if you don’t back it up.
Don’t put off properly taking care of your data until it is gone. Avoiding this frustration requires taking some steps now. Utilizing a data recovery app now will help ensure your data is available if the unthinkable happens. Don’t make the mistake of saying, “I will do it later” and regret it when your data is gone. Head over to Aiseesoft’s website today and get your copy of FoneLab.

How to Get Free Aiseesoft FoneLab 8 License from giveaway pages

Step 1: Download Free Aiseesoft FoneLab 8

Click on the giveaway pages

Step 2: Install .

Double click on the fonelab.exe

FoneLab - iPhone Data Recovery

Complete installation .

FoneLab - iPhone Data Recovery 2015

Step 3: Register your Aiseesoft FoneLab 8.

After finish installation, you have to activate software. Activation allows verifying that your software is genuine, register by opening your software,From menu of software click the button “Menu”->Register“:

FoneLab license key

Fill your key or below license key with your mail to active it.

FoneLab giveaway website

—Free Giveaway License Daily—

Product name: Aiseesoft FoneLab 8
Version: 8.0.70
[sociallocker id=”2481″]E-Mail-Address:
Licensed code : 6af10683e2558e8ba2e7f1d7055f70e68a55c85e24ce8ec28842c002ace2c2ee[/sociallocker] License type: Shared By

If you need private license key, please reply your email into comment box! Aiseesoft FoneLab 8 Giveaway Pages===========

FoneLab tutorial and review


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