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[Review] ABBYY FineReader 5 Professional With Free License

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

ABBYY FineReader giveaway site

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Nowadays, PDF files are something without which we cannot do our work. They are popular in the business area due to the fact that they can be used on almost any device with only one app. One of the major disadvantages of a PDF file is that it does not allow you to edit it. You are allowed to only use notes and underline paragraphs. Here is the point where Abby FineReader enters the scene. It represents a useful tool that can turn out to be your new best friend.
Abby FineReader has two main versions: professional and corporate that are suitable for any kind of business. It represents a tool that allows you to reproduce PDFs and produce documents and images. It is great for duplicating existing files in order to make them usable on your favorite apps.
So, you can convert scanned documents and images into various formats like Word or PDF. You will be able to edit and make whatever modification you desire faster and with greater accuracy. Abby FIneReader is not so difficult to set-up due the user guide, which provides all the information you require to fully understand it.
This software has an amazing interface that makes it perfect for any type of users unrelated to their experience level. It features obvious buttons that guide you towards several options like Scan to Word, Scan to PDF or Image to PDF. This reader assists you through the entire process starting with the scan and going through the following steps like attaching new pages. Furthermore, after the recognition process ends the new file will be opened automatically, without the need for you to search for it. It is good to know that you are not limited to those popular formats. Besides Word and PDF, you can opt for features like Scan to ePUB or Scan to HTML. Also, you can transform those scans into Word or PDF depending on your needs. All these features are gathered in the More tab menu.
FineReader is a software that is able to identify 190 languages and to provide support for 48 languages. Also, the interface can be used in any of the 24 preset languages. This makes it one of the most impressive editors available on the market.
This OCR technology is one of the most advanced because it makes use of smart algorithms that allow you to accurately transform images into text, while keeping the format present in the initial document. It is the perfect tool for those that make use of various PDFs for various presentations and conferences because it is versatile.
When converting a document, it may happen to encounter some mistakes on the final result. This usually happens due to the different font styles used. Also, in some cases letters were mistaken by numbers. But those cases are not so frequent because of the qualitative recognition technology used. Moreover, some users stated the fact that the installation process can turn out to be a bit complicated due to the fact that instructions can turn out to be somehow confusing. But the help document is pretty helpful in this case because it comes with extended explanations that will guide you through the process.
In conclusion, Abby FineReader is a professional service that will help you with your business. It is the best tool for scanning documents with a higher rate of accuracy. Furthermore, it allows you to edit and convert the scanned document depending on your needs. You should keep in mind that this software received several awards like The Best OCR Software in 2014 or The Editor`s Choice in 2011. The Professional version allows you to edit documents on Windows, while the Pro for MAC is specially designed for converting documents on MAC OS X. Moreover, there is a Corporate option which is recommended for various businesses and academic set-ups.

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