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[Giveaway] Steganos Password Manager 15 Free Full Version

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

Steganos Password Manager is one of the versatile password mangers available, with free plug-ins for all the major web browsers and apps for Android and iOS devices.

Steganos Password Manager is an essential tool for anyone who spends lot of time online. With almost 80 percent websites requires registration to access content , generally many people are re-suing/ similar password to access different websites.

But, if hacker can infiltrate a website and access login credentials of it’s users, then people using similar/ same passwords to access other websites will be affected.

The hacker can get access to all your logins. That’s why we should use a strong password manager to create and remember strong passwords.

Steganos Password Manager is one such tool that creates unique and strong passwords for every site you visit, it will also free you tension from remembering passwords.

Just visit the website on your desktop, smartphone or tablet and the Steganos Password manager will do the rest.

The application will automatically fill the login credentials to access the website, also when you visit a new website to register an account, the app will automatically fill those tiresome web-forms demanding your name, address and other personal details.

steganos-password-manager-15 Steganos Password Manager 15 fullversion for Free

Steganos Password Manager is one of the leading password manager for its features, ease of use and value for money. The software lets you choose a strong master password for the manager (we recommend not use dates of birth, pet names and other predictable personal details) to save and encrypt all your passwords.

So, when you visit a website Steagnos password manager automatically steps in and logs you into the website. If it’s a new website and requires registration, it will you generate a strong password and securely saves them in cloud, sot that the app will let you automatically login the site whichever device you are using it.

Steganos Password Manager 15 provides you with highly secure and uncrackable passwords. In addition to the quality check of the chosen password Steganos Password Manager 15, includes an integrated list of “bad” access codes, meaning passwords which are easy to guess or crack.

This list is updated on a regular basis. If a password is part of that list, you’ll be warned automatically. The comfortable autofill feature can enter your user name and password automatically.

Steganos Password Manager 15 review-min

Key Features of Steganos Password Manager 15:

Encrypts your passwords.
Generate Secure passwords.
Save passwords list to USB stick, access it on any PC.
Create Master password with images (PicPass)instead of text password.
Protection against keyloggers.
Mobile apps available for iOS and Android.
Compatible with Windows 8/8.1, 7, vista and XP.

Get Steganos Password Manager 15 full version for Free :

PC Format today they are giving away full version license of Steganos Password Manager 15 for free.

To get a license code visit this promo page

[sociallocker id=”2480″][/sociallocker]

enter your email address and click ‘Request Serialnumber’ button.You will find the serial code in the email from Steganos Software GmbH.

Steganos Password Manager 15

Alternative : You can find a list of alternate Password managers over here.
Note: For for more security & privacy, you can use this password manager along with Steganos Privacy Suite 15.

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