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[Giveaway] Perfect Keyboard Professional Edition 8.3.5 License Code

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

Perfect Keyboard Professional Edition 8.3.5 License Code

Perfect Keyboard is software for those who want to manipulate the keyboard faster, want to use multiple commands or long commands, keystrokes on the keyboard with just a single key created by the macros. Creating macros on the keyboard has been around for a long time, but mostly on expensive keyboards, and using software, we have Hot Keyboard Pro. Hot Keyboard Pro software is a famous macros tool popular and used in the past. In this article would like to introduce readers to another tool with superior features, easier macros with just a little knowledge and discovery of yourself.

Perfect Keyboard Professional Edition is considered to be one of the perfect tools for creating macros in every Windows application, saving the same actions repeatedly when you use your computer. With this software, users can edit macros with editing tools, encrypt and protect macros with passwords, or share macros via LAN.

How to Get Perfect Keyboard Professional Edition Free License from giveaway pages

The Perfect Keyboard Professional Edition Giveaway code time will end on 15/5/2017

Step 1: Download the Iris software that is compatible with your operating system here:

Step 2: Install protection software .


Step 3: After installation, open software and enjoys

Perfect Keyboard Professional Edition is like any other macro application, which allows users to type faster by using hotkeys or text shortcuts to insert phrases or run macros. This software is capable of creating macros for use in all Windows applications, providing you with a fast, accurate typing experience that handles repetitive tasks, Save time for users. The Macro Keys tool also includes built-in macro features, Macro Keys, and a virtual keyboard that simulates real keyboard keys.

Perfect Keyboard Professional Edition provides a streamlined 3-way interface for management and navigation, simple macro image editing support, a built-in macro editor with many bug fixes. Macro Recorder allows you to record keyboards and mouse cursors, including keys, keystrokes, mouse clicks and commands (with over 170 built-in commands). Or you can also use Macro Toolworks Free to insert information such as dates, titles into macros. Macro Toolworks Free also makes it possible to copy text by shortcut combinations.

Perfect Keyboard Professional Edition allows sharing macros in workgroups, creating passwords to protect and decentralize viewers, and launch different macros in multiple applications. In particular, users can playback the macros most easily. In general, this is a great tool for you to experiment with, especially for those who are doing tasks with repetitive actions and actions.

Key Features of Perfect Keyboard Professional Edition:

– Create a macro that records repetitive operations
– Support typing quickly, accurately, save time
– Edit, edit simple macros
– Encrypt macros
– Create password protected, user rights
– Share work group macros

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