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Giveaway of the Day (GOTD) review

Giveaway of the Day (GOTD)
Everyone loves free stuff and big discounts. The giveaway websites are pretty frequent nowadays, but rarely there are ones that offer good and quality products. So, today we are going to present you a giveaway service that has largely impressed us with the products they have to offer. They are extremely popular, reliable and highly beneficial to the end user. Our first impression and thought after using it for few days was, bookmark this site and visit it every day!
Praised by Yahoo, liked by more than 15k people on Facebook and with tens of thousands of visitors daily, Giveaway of the Day has earned critical acclaim with amazing giveaways of free software products. Each day there are different products that you can download. The giveaway of the day is shown on the main page, where there is also information about the remaining time.
If you choose to download the software product, then you just need to go to proceed to download page. When you go to the download page there is description of the software you are downloading. You can see the detailed specification and features. You can also read other user’s comments to see if the software is good.
Beneficial for software developers as well
The software developers can contact the team of Giveaway of the Day so they can submit their software for giveaway. This is unique possibility for developers because not only that it can bring them more users, but they can also earn additional income. Their conversion rates can be improved significantly. So, if you are a software developer you can significantly improve the traffic and user base using this great website.
This is an amazing website and service. There are amazing giveaways, relevant and highly useful software and it is beneficial for both, end user and the developers. Try it today, it is completely free.

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