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[Giveaway] Iris Mini Pro 2017 With Review And License Key

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

Iris Mini Pro 2017 With Review And License Key

Iris Mini Pro is a software that helps you protect your eyes when using a computer with a variety of screen brightness, color, and temperature adjustments. With this software you can safely use your computer for long periods of time without fear of eye problems, face problems, and lack of eye problems later on.

With free Iris PRO software you can rest assuredly customize the software and use the computer comfortably to minimize eye strain, sore eyes and eye problems later on. There are many different software that will help you adjust the screen to protect the face, but there are rare software that fully supports Iris PRO.
F.lux is also a very good software for adjusting the screen brightness and free, if you do not promptly receive the copyright key of Iris PRO, adjust the screen brightness with f.lux will be a choice. Choose wisely to ensure your health when using the computer.

Science has shown that melatonin is the chemical that the brain produces at night, which helps to reduce sleep when it comes in contact with the green light of the computer. Therefore, if not limited to this negative impact, insomnia or poor sleep will be inevitable. However, with Iris users are completely not concerned about the impact of the radiation emitted from the computer screen.
Iris software allows the user to reduce the amount of blue light emanating from the screen while adjusting the brightness and color temperature easily. Iris Pro automatically adjusts screen brightness by the time of day and night. By opening the panel under the system tray, users can choose from a variety of screen modes. Gamma Panel is also software with the same function, help you adjust brightness, contrast and color screen efficiency. Especially Gamma Panel also supports you adjust the brightness of the screen with shortcuts quickly.
The Iris application offers you a variety of screen lighting modes such as health mode, sleep mode, reading mode, programming mode … each setting is set in the default color scheme to suit your needs. Bridge of the user. In addition, users can customize these parameters as they like.

In addition, F.lux is also quite useful application to protect your eyes in front of the computer screen that you should use. The advantage of F.lux is that it allows you to adjust the screen brightness to your liking, matching your eyes by identifying and balancing yourself with ambient lighting conditions.

Key features of iris:

– Adjust the eye protection screen light
– Motion adjusts day and night lighting
– Multiple lighting modes suited to each person’s work needs
– Compact, operating under the system tray

Iris Highlight Feature: Reduce screen brightness, adjust screen brightness, automatically change screen brightness

This tool can work in the background without affecting your work. Compatible with all operating systems and has a pretty nice interface. Iris, while being upgraded to free licensing, also has support for tips, tricks and medical research to help protect the eyes. It reminds you of regular work breaks to avoid eye strain.
Currently, to upgrade to the Pro version of Iris (software help to protect eyes when using the computer) you will have to pay $ 10 but you can own it completely free from April 24, 2017 to 25 / 04/2017.

How to Get Iris Mini Pro Free License from giveaway pages

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The Iris Mini Pro Giveaway code time will end on 11/5/2017

Step 1: Download the Iris software that is compatible with your operating system here:

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” center=”yes” radius=”0″]Windows[/su_button]

Step 2: Install eye protection software using Iris PC.

Step 3: After installation, open software and choose section “Activate Pro”

Step 4: Enter the license key “iris-giveaway” in the License box on the application and click on Activate code to activate.

Step 5: After activating the free Iris PRO license, you will unlock all the functions of the software such as temperature, brightness, position, multi-monitor control, screen effect, …

With a free license key, you can unlock the functionality of the software, but when the update is released the key

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