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[Giveaway] Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Review With License Key

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Review With License Key

Hard Disk Sentinel can be called a data defense solution as it can be efficiently used to avoid HDD failure and SSD / HDD data loss. Since it has the preponderance sensitive disk health ranking system which is tremendously responsive to disk problems. This technique makes sure that small HDD problems never get missed.

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional full download
The Professional version has programmed and automatic (on-problem) disk backup options to avoid data loss original by not only failure but by malware or accidental delete also.
How Does Hard Disk Sentinel Work?
Hard Disk Sentinel runs in the backdrop settings and verifies SSD / HDD health status by examining the SMART status of the disk(s). If an error is found or unexpected performance is detected, it warns the user about the existing situation and also can carry out appropriate actions (for example, start an automatic backup).
Usually, hard disk health standing may leisurely refuse, from day to day. The SMART scrutinizes technology can envisage HDD failure by investigating the all the sectors of the disk drive. Compared to other software, Hard Disk Sentinel noticed and reported almost all the disk problems.
It is much more susceptible to disk failures and can demonstrate better and more detailed information about hard disk’s predictable life. The issues can be detected by a S.M.A.R.T scan on demand.
Features of Hard Disk Sentinel
Easy To Use Interface
All the information on the hard disk is exhibited in the main window of the application. As the immediate organizing permits simple navigation to admittance of all hard disks, separation, and different information.
The user interface kept things simple as it uses green/yellow/red color to point out the level of the problem of the hard drive. You can also see a text explanation for important information about the features, which comes pretty handy to non-technical users.
Instant S.M.A.R.T. Analyzing
Hard Disk Sentinel can converse with all IDE, Serial ATA, NVMe, SCSI, SAS and most USB hard disk drives, SSD and hybrid drives (SSHD) to become aware of their position and temperature.
Hard drive status is exhibited straight away as you commence the application; there is no need to examine hard disks for an extended time.
It exhibits the present and utmost temperature for the hard disk. It interprets all general and vendor-specific characteristic and monitors their values. For technical users, all raw data are also displayed, including power-on time and number of read/write errors.
Hard Disk Sentinel appreciates the presentation and health related S.M.A.R.T. values and displays the calculated Performance and Health percentage, total authority on time and predictable lifetime outstanding.
Hard Disk Details
Detects and displays every sequence about the hard disk, from the amendment number and buffer size to all the features it has. The utmost obtainable and current relocate modes are also present.
HDD status in Windows Explorer
It also shows the status of the hard drive in windows explorer, which is great, especially when it comes to usability.
Hard Disk Sentinel does what it claims. It’s a small utility that comes handy when you need a hard disk doctor.

How to get free Hard Disk Sentinel Standard Review With License Key
Step 1: download free software here
Step 2: install software

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional
complete installation
Step 3: activate software
using our license key below to activate software to using full version.

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional registration key

Registration name :
Registration key : 176275923877505

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional review

Home page :
Current Version: 4.71
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10, Mac OS X
License type: Commercial
Original License Price: $19,95
Promotion License: HT95 giveaway
Update Policy: not support free upgrade
Technical Support Policy: not support
Reinstall Policy: Can be reinstalled after promotion
Software Discount: 100% discount
Giveaway Duration: unknown

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