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[Giveaway] E-Goi Email Marketing

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

E-Goi Email Marketing

Have you ever been stuck at your desk for ages having to answer emails, switching from your business account to your more personal account that you keep saved for your special clients? Have you experienced the hassle of switching between texts and emails, posting updates on your social media pages one by one and in turn missing out on a lot? If you are a victim of having to juggle through these multiple forms of communication and have thrown your hands up in exasperation hoping someday someone could help you then rest assured for your prayers have been answered. E-goi is the solution to all your troubles.

E-goi 5001 Plan giveaway

E-goi offers the easiest form of marketing automation you will have ever experimented. This wonderful tool integrates all your email accounts, your text messages, your fax, voice broadcasts, forms and manages all your social media networks in one place. Sounds too good to be true, does it not? This is actually real! The free email sending with E-goi option leaves you with great options to explore and utilize all in one go.

Though E-goi allows you to create emails and texts, draft your voice campaigns and faxes, make your posts or tweets or Instagram anything, it also goes a step further. You can also use your forms online through this and take surveys. Along with this, E-goi also offers the option of incorporating multiple of these communication channels in one place as you send them. For instance, you can send an email with a link to a survey and the person receiving, upon completion of the survey will get an SMS offering him a discount coupon or some offer in return as a ‘thank you’. This greatly expands the boundaries of your business, enabling you to reach out to your clients and make a larger database with great ease!

Along with all these incredible options, there is also something known as the E-goi giveaway. This can range from a variety of great surprises like getting a star player personally call you to invite you to a game or getting great discounts on albums, clothes etc. All these are possible by merely clicking on the mails sent by E-goi or responding to their newsletters or texts. E-goi also makes sure you do not miss out on a great offer or a deal as we normally tend to overlook our emails. That is why it also sends a reminder SMS about such deals! Not only is this really useful, but also a must in today’s times. For all the bookworms out there, E-goi also sends exclusive excerpts from new books that one would otherwise not get from anywhere!

One of the best parts about E-goi is its strong Anti-Spam Policy. They take strict measures to ensure that the emails and newsletter sent to the contacts through clients are free of spam and offer an ‘unsubscribe’ link too.

With such great offers and features, E-goi is a must tool to try and experience for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

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Below is the guide for you to activate the E-goi 5001 Plan
Create your account
It’s free and takes less than a minute.
Choose the 5001 plan
Go to the menu on the right corner of your E-goi account and hit “Sign up” (next to “Email plan”). Switch from «No plan» to «Per contact», select the 5001 plan (paid with love) and confirm it.
Enable your plan 🙂
Follow the steps in the activation page to show us your love and you’re done!

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