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[Giveaway] DxO ViewPoint 1

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

DxO ViewPoint gievaway page

DxO ViewPoint 1 License usually costs you £59. But now you can get it 100% free by giveaway key on!


Fix complex perspective problems

In architectural or urban photography, depending on the position of the photographer with respect to the scene, vertical and horizontal lines can lose their parallelism. DxO ViewPoint lets you easily fix even the most complex perspective problems. Place your anchor points along the lines that you want to fix. Apply your correction: unnatural-looking façades instantly regain their initial appearance. DxO ViewPoint automatically crops the image while maximizing the visible field.

When a photo contains two perspective problems (horizontal and vertical), you can place the four anchor points of the Rectangle tool to immediately reestablish a frontal view of the object — indispensable when shooting a painting! With 8-point mode, you can handle even the most complex perspectives. Being able to independently place horizontal and vertical guidelines lets you correct the perspective for multiple planes in the same image with unequaled precision.

Use DxO ViewPoint’s advanced controls to fine-tune settings according to your tastes: adjust the intensity of your correction or modify the crop.
How to Get Free DxO ViewPoint 1 license from giveaway pages
Step 1: Go to Giveaway Pages here to get your own license key

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Follow these steps to obtain your free license:

DxO ViewPoint 1


Enter your E-mail and captcha -> Click on Get free key -> you see key license

DxO ViewPoint 1 giveaway

Step 2: Download free DxO ViewPoint 1

Click on the “Download Here” or giveaway pages
Step 3: Install free DxO ViewPoint 1.
Double click on the DxO_ViewPoint_Setup.exe

DxO ViewPoint 1
Complete installation .

DxO ViewPoint 1 giveaway

Step 4: Register your DxO ViewPoint 1.


After installation of DxO ViewPoint 1 you have to activate it. Activation allows verifying that your software is genuine:

enter your key or below license with email to active your DxO ViewPoint 1.


—Free Giveaway License Key Daily—

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DxO ViewPoint 1 license key

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