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[Giveaway] DxO Optics Pro 8 Elite

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

DxO Optics Pro 8 elite giveaway pages

DxO Optics Pro 8 License usually costs you $99,99. But now you can get it 100% free by giveaway key on!

DxO Optics Pro 8 giveaway elite license

Thanks to DxO OpticsPro’s exclusive technologies, instantly correct all the optical defects of your equipment, remove digital noise even at high sensitivities, recover fine details and textures in dark or burnt areas, and bring out all the nuances of color in your images.

With DxO OpticsPro’s outstanding performance, bring out the best in your RAW and JPEG photos in just a few clicks, regardless of shooting conditions.

PRIME denoising: dare to shoot at extreme ISO

Detailed, vibrant images, even at the highest ISO values: DxO OpticsPro’s revolutionary PRIME denoising technology is designed to achieve optimal image quality. Its algorithms analyze image structure in depth in order to differentiate between noise and fine details. For each pixel, more than a thousand neighboring pixels are studied to identify the similarities and to recombine the information. Your photos are perfectly denoised: the details and color saturation are preserved, particularly in dark areas, and textures are likewise preserved, for great images.

The new exclusive DxO ClearView feature automatically eliminates the heat haze visible in landscape photos, as well as smog in urban photos. No more need to manually apply a mask to your image or to manipulate multiple sliders: DxO ClearView closely analyzes the color components of the image and focuses on a local black. In just one click, the contrast is visibly improved. And for expert photographers, an advanced mode allows for adjusting the intensity of the correction in the foreground separately from that in the background of the image.

How to Get Free License DxO Optics Pro 8 from giveaway pages
Step 1: Go to Giveaway Pages here to get your own license key

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Fill your name and email to receive  license key and download link.

DxO Optics Pro 8

DxO Optics Pro 8 giveaway

Step 2: Download DxO Optics Pro 8
Click on the “Download Here” or giveaway pages

Step 3: Install free DxO Optics Pro 8.
Double click on the DxO_OpticsPro8_Setup.exe

DxO Optics Pro 8 giveaway license DxO Optics Pro 8 license key
Complete installation .

Step 4: Register your DxO Optics Pro 8.
After finishing installation of DxO Optics Pro 8, enter your key or below license to active your DxO Optics Pro 8.

DxO Optics Pro 8 key

—Giveaway License Code—

[sociallocker id=”2481″]Product name: DxO Optics Pro 8
Version: 8.5.0 Build 437
Activation code: 0047-GIFT-1868-4087-8010
Activation code: 0047-GIFT-8696-7263-4104
License type: Giveaway[/sociallocker] Download Address: DxO Optics Pro 8 Giveaway Pages===========

DxO Optics Pro 8 full version
To get your free license of DxO Optics Pro 8,
please enter your email address hereunder before
January, 31st 2015.

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