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[Giveaway] Cyberlink YouCam 5 Standard

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

YouCam 5 Standard giveaway

Cyberlink YouCam 5 Standard License usually costs you $34,95. But now you can get it 100% free by giveaway key on!

CyberLink YouCam delivers functionality of an entire live video studio and thereby allows you to take complete advantage of the webcam. There are many features with which it comes with including face beautifier tools, a complete set of capture tools and recordings. It also offers easy to use and effective security tools such as face login and surveillance. ¬¬

There is plenty you can do with the Cyberlink YouCam including more webcam fun and improved productivity. Moreover, you can even use it for taking cooler pictures and videos and also for using safety tools. You can use the camera as your security guard.

Additional Features
There are plenty of other uses for the CyberLink YouCam such as that it lets you integrate a current PowerPoint file in video chat or also recording session. You can choose from different screen layouts and you can freely draw on the presentation slides when you need it to highlight important messages. Moreover, the feature also helps in delivering better performance and higher frame rate videos that before.

Moreover it also helps you deliver better performance and a much higher frame rate video than before. The camera can also be used to capture the area around the mouse pointer and you can capture the entire desktop screen.

Additionally, YouCam’s detection technology can also be used as a home security system. You can even set it up on time lapse recording. You can set it up at a time interval set by you and it will help you take a snap shot. The camera also helps in managing PC access. It will remember your passwords and you can use it to get access to the most famous websites. You can use it to lock the PC screen when your face isn’t in front of the webcam.

The YouCam has an abundant of amazing features. You can get creative with it by taking photos and using different brush sizes and colors. The photo presets allows you to easily and adjust the mood of your pictures. Moreover you can even use it to take perfect profile pictures. When you are using it to edit webcam pictures, the camera allows for you to take facial recognition technology and suite of beautifying tools and it also lets you remove imperfections and making the best enhancements.

Other features:

There are other features of the camera that make it stand out. These include adjust lighting and skin smoothener. The adjust lighting automatically adjusts lighting and sharpness. You can even take it to take full control by manually adjusting contrast, brightness and noise reduction.

You can even look your best with the Cyberlink YouCam skin smoothener. Do not let the bad lighting make you look older than you actually are. When the webcam chatting and recording video takes it toll on you, the real time skin smoothener reduces wrinkles and the visible marks from your face.

The CyberLink YouCam basically is a great tool to help you take great pictures and with its amazing features, it is one that you ought to try.

How to Get Free License YouCam 5 Standard from giveaway pages

Step 1: Go to Giveaway Pages here to get your own license key

[sociallocker id=”2480″]

Fill your name and email to receive license key.

YouCam 5 Standard giveaway pages YouCam 5 Standard giveaway license

Step 2: Download cyberlink YouCam 5 Standard
Click on the “Download Here” or giveaway pages
Step 3: Install free Cyberlink YouCam 5 Standard.
Double click on the YouCam_5.0.4628a.0_HW_STD_DE_Standard_YUC141222-05.exe

YouCam 5 Standard giveaway license code

YouCam 5 Standard giveaway key YouCam 5 Standard full
Complete installation .

Step 4: Register your Cyberlink YouCam 5 Standard.
After finishing installation of Cyberlink YouCam 5 Standard, enter your key or below license to active your Cyberlink YouCam 5 Standard.

YouCam 5 Standard giveaway site

—Giveaway License Code—

[sociallocker id=”2481″]Product name: Cyberlink YouCam Standard
Version: 5.0.4628.0
Registration name: heidi luostarinen
License Key: ZS98782481768973 (SharewareOnSale guest)
License Key: ZS98782481768973 (SlickDeals guest)[/sociallocker] Cyberlink YouCam 5 Standard Giveaway Pages===========

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