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[Giveaway] Coolmuster Data Recovery License Key And Review

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

Coolmuster Data Recovery License Key And Review

Coolmuster Data Recovery Review
Even if it’s recommended to do a backup very often in order to maintain all important files under complete control, there’s no denying that such a thing is very important. From computer malfunctions to accidental deletion and so on, there are many situations in which we can lose data. Thankfully, there are tools like to help us in times of dire need and Coolmuster Data Recovery is one of them.

Coolmuster Data Recovery license key
Right off the bat you will see that has a simple interface, you just need to select the desired file type you want and scan the HDD or SSD you want. The app is created with ease of use in mind and it looks, not to mention it works really well and even those that don’t have a lot of experience in using such apps will get the hang of it quite nicely.
Coolmuster Data Recovery offers a very good performance because I found it to be reliable regardless of what file type I want to recover. Even if I mostly used it for images and executables, the app supports 550 file formats, so there’s a lot of stuff you can recover with it.
I also formatted my drive and then reinstalled Windows to see if it would find files from the previous installation and while the overall data recovery process took slightly longer I was very impressed with the results since the data was integral and ready to use. They also offer support for external drives which I found to be a good plus.
Multiple recovery modes
Even if you will mostly focus on deleted recovery, there are also other modes like raw recovery, format recovery and partition recovery. While these 3 won’t see that much use as deleted recovery which is the obvious choice for most users, it’s nice to see that Coolmuster Data Recovery integrates multiple recovery modes for all kinds of users.
I liked the fact that you can preview most common file types and even if there were situations in which the items could not be previewed properly, I still found Coolmuster Data Recovery to be useful when it comes to recovering such files. The idea is to not give up even if the app might not be able to show the content of that file.
They integrated support for external hard drive, removable storage and even MP4 players which is really good. But the best part about it is that unlike other situations where this is only said but not encountered, Coolmuster Data Recovery actually offers this type of feature and it works really well.
From installation to recovery and support, Coolmuster Data Recovery does a great job and it really is a complete data recovery tool. It’s an astounding app with a lot of interesting features to offer and it manages to bring you plenty of extraordinary opportunities while using it. It’s fast, it didn’t crash even once while using it and it even supports external drives. I found Coolmuster Data Recovery to be a reliable app so you should totally give it a shot!

Coolmuster Data Recovery giveaway

How to get free Coolmuster Data Recovery License Key

Step 1 : Download free Coolmuster Data Recovery
Windows ver 2.1.10Mac 3.2.16
Step 2 : After download, click on the exe file, waiting software download
, start install it on your computer.

Coolmuster Data Recovery full Coolmuster Data Recovery full license key

Step 3: After software installed, using your or our license key below to activate

Window License Key
Licensed email:
Registration Code: 41E03E48F038EAf0DD408B39A69BD4D8C79CDDBB
Mac License Key
Registration Code: D760811C631869c82D1059B2634D955BF189AF75

Coolmuster Data Recovery

Home page :
Current Version: 3.2.16 for Mac and 2.1.10 for Windows
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10, Mac OS X
License type: Commercial
Original License Price: $39,95
Promotion License: HT95 giveaway
Update Policy: not support free upgrade
Technical Support Policy: not support
Reinstall Policy: Can be reinstalled after promotion
Software Discount: 100% discount
Giveaway Duration: unknow

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3 years ago

it works but all files are corrupted

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