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[Giveaway] CintaNotes 2 Pro

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

CintaNotes PRO 2 giveaway

CintaNotes 2 Pro License usually costs you $39. But now you can get it 100% free by giveaway key on!

CintaNotes PRO license key

Quick and Easy Note-Taking Software Quick and Easy Note-Taking Software

CintaNotes is a Microsoft Windows application for taking and managing notes.

The program sits in the system tray and springs into action via a hot key. It is ergonomic, fast, and unobtrusive; feels like part of the system. A must-have tool for anyone who reads a lot online!

Take notes quickly and convenientlyTake notes quickly and conveniently
Clip text from anywhere on hotkeyClip text from anywhere on hotkey
Find as fast as you can typeFind as fast as you can type
Effortlessly tag and organizeEffortlessly tag and organize
Read and edit on your mobile deviceRead and edit on your mobile device
Works online and offline

How to Get Free CintaNotes 2 Pro license from giveaway pages
Step 1: Go to Giveaway Pages here to get your own license key

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CintaNotes PRO giveaway

Fill your name and email to receive  license key.

CintaNotes PRO free license

Step 2: Download free CintaNotes 2 Pro
Click on the “Download Here” or giveaway pages
Step 3: Install free CintaNotes 2.
Double click on the CintaNotes_2_8_4_Setup.exe

CintaNotes giveaway pages
Complete installation .

software giveaway

Step 4: Register your CintaNotes 2 Pro.
After installation of CintaNotes 2 Pro you have to activate it. Activation allows verifying that your software is genuine, register by going to “Help” –> “License”:

CintaNotes PRO 2

enter your key or below license with email to active your CintaNotes 2 Pro.

—Free Giveaway License Key Daily—

[sociallocker id=”2481″]Product name: CintaNotes 2 Pro
Version: 2.8.4
heidi luostarinen (
License type: Giveaway[/sociallocker]
Download Address: CintaNotes 2 Pro Giveaway Pages===========

CintaNotes PRO 2 free license
This promo license is only valid for current CintaNotes version
(no free updates). If you’d like to get updates, please consider
acquiring a regular PRO license or a Lifetime PRO license.

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Thanks for reading my post and i am very happy to share this giveaway pages to you, i promise that all new free software daily will be updated hourly and soon as possible.

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