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[Giveaway] Bitdefender Mobile Security 6 Months Free Key

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

Bitdefender Mobile Security 6 Months Free Key

Android mobile operating system with full customization capabilities have long been very popular and widely used with many different devices from PCs, tablets, smartphones to intelligent clock, .. accompanied by strong growth and usefulness of Android is its flip side which is more than the virus, malicious code is constantly evolving, go deep and infect many different devices to attempts to steal critical data or data collected for the purpose of advertising, extortion … Bitdefender Mobile Security software for Android is probably inevitable advent accordance with the user’s needs, help protect, prevent and as anti-virus and malicious code enters your device.
Bitdefender Bitdefender Mobile Security Mobile Security & Antivirus or the antivirus software for smart phones (smartphones). Gadgets designed exclusively for Android, with strong ability to prevent, provide protection feature enables the most advanced mobile gadget always be secured safe from online threats, the Malicious applications, spam, and so on.


With many improvements, beautiful design, and an intuitive interface, the software provides users with important features for preventing malicious code threats comprehensive protection and help optimize your Android device.

You absolutely can rest assured with the important data on your phone, such as contacts, messages or important documents .. Bitdefender Mobile Security using

The main features of Bitdefender Mobile Security

Malware scanner
Cloud computing technologies for scanning and ultra-fast data analysis. Real-time protection with providing document scanning applications downloaded and installed both ..

Web Security – Web Security
Block websites containing malware, phishing or untrusted content by querying the cloud service.

Lock apps – App Lock
By using Bitdefender Mobile Security, you can easily lock and utility applications such important contacts, viber, facebook, notes, … Set a PIN to lock, open the app.

Privacy Advisor – Privacy Advisor
Analysis and evaluation of applications installed on the device, with this feature you will know the app collects information. For reasons of personal privacy, the software recommended for you to discover the software to collect sensitive data.

Burglar – Bitdefender Anti-Theft ™
Web Control: This feature allows your software to remotely manage mobile devices, with the use of the account bidefender and enable navigation, you can erase all data and search or play process equipment efficiency when lost.
Control SMS: telephone notification to trust, when there is a change in the myrtle eg convert sim.

Make a list of scanned applications, malware is blocked, the event took place.

New features and highlights of the software
WearON security layering two layers combined with intelligent clock
Phone Alert: smart meter to let you know your device is in how far
Scream use the ping command to search your phone when you do not remember where it is located, it will sound the alarm even if the phone is in silent mode.
Fast scanning speed and save battery

If you previously acquainted with the promotion of software copyright, and know how to install and use Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android you just visit the following link to receive free activation code for the software.

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