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[Giveaway] Abylon CRYPTDRIVE License

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

Abylon CRYPTDRIVE License usually costs you $29,95. But now you can get it 100% free by giveaway on!

Encrypt your data

John : My computer was protected by the Windows login password! That was enough?

Andy : Actually, Windows login passwords are easily broken. anyone can use your computer can copy all the data on your computer without any password by using the cd boot or usb. In case they can bring your computer for a period of time, you may have more trouble. Not just a login password of Windows can break, you can not trust the password wizard of Winrar, Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat.

Pablo: What other users on the same computer? they can see the files in the folder “My Documents”?

Claudia: I like your thinking! If the Windows password does not protect you from intruders, how it can protect you from people who share a computer with you? Indeed, the My Documents folder is usually seen by all users on the computer so others do not have to do anything complicated still can read your unencrypted file. Even if a folder is set to ‘private’, it is still not safe unless you use a encryption programs.

Although many people are aware that the files are stored on their systems vulnerable to theft, but they still store their important files on a computer without knowing any thief would use bug in Windows or third-party applications to exploit. To prevent theft, the encrypted data is the best method and Abylon CRYPTDRIVE is one of the best applications for encrypting your data safely.

abylon CRYPTDRIVE support data encryption by creating the encrypted drive by advanced encryption algorithm Blowfish (448-bit) or AES (256 bits). Your data, program, documents will be kept confidential, to avoid unauthorized access is not permitted by you

To access abylon CRYPTDRIVE, you need to enter a password, the password, use Smardcard, USB card, CD. abylon CRYPTDRIVE enhance data security, therefore, only when abylon CRYPTDRIVE is open, you will be able to see the data inside it

Go to below giveaway pages here, then conplete all step to get your own license

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Fill your name and email then click on “Request for license key” to continue


check your email to get license key

Using your key or below key to activate, after software installed.
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Product name: Abylon CRYPTDRIVE
Version: 11.3
License type: Lifetime
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