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[Giveaway] Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus 2015 Free License

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus 2015 Free License

abelssoft  SSD FRESH 2015

SSD Fresh 2015 (SF 2015) is a professional software to extend the life of solid state drives and improve computer system performance. With the management system SSD drive reasonable, effective as useful tools to help restrict access SSDs, reducing the number of read and write operations, which will help extend the life of SSDs.
SF 2015 also disable the services, software, programs and unnecessary tasks, this will increase the system performance, makes your computer run more stable.

Recent years SSD has become very popular because of the convenience, the ability to transmit data very fast and its remarkable life, deserve to consumers pocket to equip computer serve the needs storage or use of software, utilities, …. However the use of SSD improperly could cause damage or reduce the life of the SSD so quickly. SSD Fresh 2015 (SF 2015) launched the pioneering step in the optimization, care and management of solid state drives.

The utility of the software highlights include: function enabled Windows Trim mode and the ability to connect the SSD to the computer using AHCI mode SATA hard drive. The program also supports defragmentation,
Some other features of the software SSD Fresh 2015

Get the information of the drive.
On the screen of the software you can find general information of the hard drive including storage capacity, space has been occupied and vacant space.
Monitoring data with SMART
Most SSD drives use a self-monitoring system, called SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology). It helps to analyze data and errors occur during transmission, reading or writing on the drive
When the purchase of the software license key 2015 SSD Fresh Plus you have to pay about 28.95 dollars, but through promotions of page, you will receive free activation for this software. (Note: you must activate the software before 01.06.2015).

How to Get Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus 2015 Free License from giveaway pages

Step 1: Download Free SSD Fresh 2015

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Step 2: Install Free SSD Fresh 2015

Double click on the SSDFresh.exe

abelssoft  SSD FRESH 2015 license

start installing and active software with your name and email -> “get free unlock me now

abelssoft  SSD FRESH 2015 review

Software have been actived successfully

abelssoft  SSD FRESH 2015 free download

Enjoy full version of software

abelssoft  SSD FRESH 2015 giveaway

Technical information

Software name: SSD Fresh Plus 2015
Version: 2015
File size: 12 MB.
Support: Windows versions of vista, xp, 7, 8
Results scanning: Virustotal 0/62

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