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[Giveaway] File Finder 7

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

1-abc file finder File Finder 7.00 License usually costs you $14,99. But now you can get it 100% free by giveaway key on!

Let’s be honest: Does any Windows user always save his or her files to a place where he or she will really find it again immediately? Some documents are located on a DVD, some music was saved to a desktop folder and pictures sent by a friend were written to an external drive. Some months ago a program was downloaded to a temporary folder, someone started to collect data for later use on another hard drive partition and exported e-mail attachments can be found again later directly under “MyDocuments”. File Finder is the right solution for this problem. Select one or more paths (or even a complete drive if you wish), configure how the searching process will behave and get a list of all these files you are missing. After that, you can save the results list as a *.txt file or your personal searching options to find your data next time even faster!

You are able to configure your search concerning file extension, concerning date of last use, creation or last changes, concerning file size and much more. With File Finder you will find what you are missing while others are still watching the animated dog of the Windows search wizard and will never lose it again!

For Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8, Download size: 337 KB

How to Get Free File Finder license from giveaway pages
Step 1: Go to Giveaway Pages here to get your own license key

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Follow these steps to obtain your free license:

Enter/confirm your E-mail -> Click on Get free key -> Check your Inbox

Step 2: Download free File Finder

Click on the giveaway pages
Step 3: Install free File Finder.
Double click on the filefind.exe

File Finder 7
Complete installation .

File Finder 7 giveaway

Step 4: Register your File Finder.

After installation of File Finder you have to activate it. Activation allows verifying that your software is genuine, register by going to “Register”->”Enter Key”:

enter your key or below license with email to active your File Finder.


—Free Giveaway License Key Daily—

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Version: 7.00
Product key: A03252-4P312-9K8-61D
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Download Address:[/sociallocker] File Finder Giveaway Pages===========

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