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Written by Pinja Lipiainen

Have you ever encounter problems with your HDD and regretted not taking precautionary measures to prevent its failure? Do you store important information only to lose them together with your HDD when it burns. Its not all just about the files within the HDD. A damaged HDD can infect other parts of the computer when its condition is still cope-able but a serious hard disk failure may result in its inability to boot up the system.

A hard disk doesn’t normally face immediate failure. Just like a human who’s falling ill, there are bound to be symptoms surfacing over time before it hit its critical condition. A lot of time, being just average users of technology, we aren’t sensitive enough to see through the problems our computers are facing. Neither would we know what to do even in the event if we know its facing problems. There is no indication that will tell us what we should do and we can often only guess and take up as many different software solutions, eg: virus preventions etc etc that serves no purpose in solving the problem.

What if there is a software that can turn technical outcries by your systems into the common human languages and tell you what slutions you can take or use to prevent further damaging your hard disk or removing the bug that’s hindering with the normal functioning of your computers.

AShampoo HDD control 3 is the software to monitor the health condition of your HDD. It helps to constantly give an update about the status of your hard disk, analyzing potential wear and tear and provides notifications, if needed, in the event of any detection in irregularities in the hard disk. This allows for precautionary measures to be taken, salvaging any remaining files if a complete formatting is required for the hard disk.

AShampoo HDD control 3 doesn’t just detects problems to your hard disks but consists of a suite of other maintenance services to constantly keep your hard disk in good shape. This allows for faster accessibility to your files and prevent memory hogs when tracking down large files. Wipe sensitive data and remove duplicate files and redundant, unused files. Recover accidentally deleted files and gain greater control over your hard disk. Have a hard disk and its giving you problems? Try AShampoo HDD control 3 today!

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