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4k Stogram Review

Written by Pinja Lipiainen

4k Stogram Review
An effective software for downloading and backing up images and videos on Instagram

The software known as 4k Stogram is basically a program and downloading launcher that allows you to download and back up images and videos from the ever-growing social network, Instagram. The software effectively solves the issue of downloading and copying images from Instagram in higher resolutions. But let’s not stand on the same spot for all too long, let’s dive into the details of the program, shall we?

Background Information
What is it?
Like I explained in the paragraph above, it’s a downloading program that allows you to copy and back up images and videos from Instagram.
It works on Mac, Windows and Linux, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of compatibility issues of any sort.
Don’t misunderstand me though, the program doesn’t require you to have access to the Instagram app, it just works as an external application on your computer that runs seamlessly with the social network itself.

How does it work?
Unlike many other programs and software that help people download files from the Internet (especially social networks), 4k Stogram is quite easy to use and won’t take up any extra space (other than the download file of the program of course) or functionality if you decide to go with it. Plus, it’s free, so you’ve really got nothing to lose.
Anyway, once you downloaded the actual program you simply log in with your Instagram account, or someone else for that matter. Then open up the software itself and you simply click on the ‘follow user’ button when you’ve searched for a user, and you should be all set with a brand new set of imagery and videos.
You can also access your friends’ private accounts as well, and back up their photos and videos in just a few seconds.

Is it worth it?
For me, yes, it was indeed worth it, mainly because of 2 reasons:
1. It’s free.
2. It works.
But then again, before I actually downloaded the program, I had no idea whether it would work or not. Though after hearing some good things about it from other people I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad to say that it works flawlessly.
So yes, it’s worth it!

Pro’s and Con’s
Any kind of review wouldn’t be complete without some pro’s and con’s, right? And this review is no different, so let’s get to it!

– It has an easy-to-use interface.
– There are no additional software requirements or installations.
– No malware programs behind the curtains.
– No unnecessary toolbars added.
– It’s free and it works.

– Some people may find it a bit too simple.
– Sometimes it was a bit slow on finding users.
– Ads present, but hey, everyone’s got to make a living right?

So I’ve tried this program out for some time now and all I can say is that it actually works, though it can be a bit slow at times when it come sot finding the users you search for. And it may seem a bit simplistic for some people, but if you ask me then that’s a good thing.
In any case, for a free software that helps you find Instagram users and effectively download pictures and videos, this program does a pretty good job and is actually worth it in the end.
Sure, it has some ads present which can be annoying to some people, but then again, the people behind this program also have to make a loving, right?
So if you happen to be in need of a functional program that helps you download and back up images and videos from Instagram, then give 4k Stogram a chance, it’s free so you’ve got nothing to lose other than a few megabytes of storage!
Registration Key: SHA865REba697b647079fb1eab2fSALE16

Home page :
Current Version: 3.8
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10, Mac OS X
License type: Commercial
Original License Price: $69,95
Promotion License: HT95 giveaway
Update Policy: not support free upgrade
Technical Support Policy: not support
Reinstall Policy: Can be reinstalled after promotion
Software Discount: 100% discount
Giveaway Duration: 16.2.2016

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jessica beil
jessica beil
3 months ago

Your Post give me more info about this tool thanks for that

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